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Welcome to Mrs. Miller's All-Stars!  We'd love to meet with you and show you why we think kindergarten is fun, creative, and full of learning opportunities that involve playtime coupled with high expectations for behavior and academics.  
Greetings, my name is Mrs. LeAnna Miller!  My desire to become an educator was formed when I was in first grade.
The love and affection my first grade teacher showed toward me, combined with
a high expectation for learning, put a desire in me to become that kind of teacher
when I grew up. She understood the concept of instilling a love for learning in me
and pushing me to excel more and more each day. Even at that young age, I knew she cared for me and held those high expectations for me because she loved me and saw a future I couldn't fathom at six years old. I knew then that I
wanted to be a teacher and pass on those feelings to children who would someday
pursue careers of their own.