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Overview & Guide

  North Bay Haven Curriculum Overview

North Bay Haven Charter Academy promotes a technique that yields improved academic results, self-development and character education. Teaching techniques go well beyond Florida State Standards' focus into broad levels of skill-building. These methods, when combined with traditional instructional strategies, give our students a strong information foundation and skills repertoire upon which to build their future.

 An Enriched Curriculum:

Core Curriculum - A framework that incorporates the formal performance based on Florida State Standards.

Emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics as well as, physical education, the arts, and technology.

Our overall goal is to establish a flexible "open framework" that supports creativity, high standards and a solid academic foundation.

The Curriculum encourages steady academic progress as students build their knowledge and skills from one year to the next.

We offer Art, Music, and Physical Education. Reading, writing, and spelling are taught by our fine faculty utilizing McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders curriculum resources, learning centers and innovative instruction. Our main resources for mathematics is Pearson enVision Math for instruction at the K-5 level. These series "raise the bar" and allow direct instruction methods to be employed to facilitate your child's individual needs.

Harcourt science is the core curriculum at the K-5 level. Our faculty differentiates instruction for the needs of the learner and employs instructional strategies that reach beyond the standards.

 Individualized Approach to Learning

A Personal Learning Plan (P.L.P.) is created for each student that assesses his/her skill level when he/she enrolls in the school. This is a path for growth is designed for each student who is periodically reassessed to determine skill development.

The P.L.P. will ensure that the individual needs of each student are met and will provide parents the opportunity to participate in educational goal setting and monitoring of their child's academic progress.

 Curriculum Guides

Our staff are engaged in developing curriculum guides. The curriculum guide is a grade level specific document which outlines the curriculum for the core academic areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies. These guides give an overview of the units in each content area and the corresponding activities/skills/concepts included in each unit. Additionally, resources, assessments and Florida State Standards alignment are included with each unit description. These are broad documents which communicate the major components of Bay Haven Charter Academy's curriculum. The curriculum guides are not intended to reflect specific lesson plans for a course/subject. That level of information can be obtained on individual teacher websites.

 Intervention Programs:

 Reading Wonders and Wonderworks

The current core reading program Reading Wonders contains an embedded component to address interventions for struggling readers. Additionally the program has components that provide lessons in the five areas of reading to target areas of weakness.

Available in both print and digital format, Reading WonderWorks was built to support the core instruction that occurs in the Reading Wonders classroom, but provides flexible options and scaffolds specific skills for students with varying intervention needs. For students in younger grades (K-1), the program emphasizes developing and reinforcing foundational skills from the Reading Wonders program (phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency, oral vocabulary) that are crucial for developing proficient readers as defined by the State Standards. For older grades (2-6), the program's focus shifts to addressing higher level skills (practicing close reading, accessing the meaning of complex text, analytical writing) that are level-appropriate but still maintain the complexity that students are required to master. Foundational skills continue to be scaffolded to support students throughout the program as needed.  

 Voyager Passport  Voyager Passport for reading is a supplement to core instruction for grades K-5. This program provides struggling readers with explicit and systematic instruction, corrective feedback, and more time on task in order to master critical reading skills.  This researched-based curriculum addresses the five essential reading components of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.  These components are integrated into 12 Adventures that engage students through interesting stories, adventure checkpoints, and adventure centers.  Students are given the opportunity to stamp their “Adventure Checkpoint Map” at the end of each adventure they complete.

 Number Worlds Number Worlds is a prevention/intervention program designed to help students who are one or more grade levels behind in grades K-8.  The prevention levels (A-C) address foundational skills in number sense.  The intervention levels (D-J) focus on key standards in the areas of Number Sense, Patterns/Relationships, Addition, Subtraction, Geometry and Measurement, and Data Analysis & Applications.  Lessons include a warm-up activity related to real-world topics; engages students, teaches critical-thinking skills, and provides assessments to monitor student progress.