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Q. Is North Bay Haven a Bay District School public school?

A. Bay Haven and North Bay Haven are both public, charter schools under the control of the Bay Haven Board of Directors as Bay Haven Charter, Inc. Bay Haven and North Bay Haven serve the students of Bay County, but are doing so as public charter schools.


Q. What is going to happen to the Bay Haven facility now that North Bay Haven has been opened?

A. Bay Haven isn't closing one school to open another. Bay Haven will continue to operate as it currently is, at full capacity. The new school, North Bay Haven, is being opened to help accommodate the high demand for grades K-8, as evidenced by the over 900 student wait list that Bay Haven has carried for a number of years. The high school is being started after many years of demand and requests for one.


Q. What happens if my child does not get into North Bay Haven this year?

A. Submit an application for your child in the Bay Haven student application system. You must submit a separate student application for a student to be in the enrollment lottery for North Bay Haven and Bay Haven.


Q. If I have one child at Bay Haven and one child at North Bay Haven, will my family have to do the required 20 volunteer hours at each schools?

A. In this case, you will have to do a minimum of 20 volunteer hours total, but evenly divided across the two schools/campuses. For example, you should do approximately 10 volunteer hours at BHCA and another 10 volunteer hours at NBHCA.


Q. When I submitted my application for my student, I received a number with my confirmation. Does this number mean anything in terms of our priority for getting in?

A. After registering for admission, a confirmation number is issued which lets you know your submission was received in our system. It is advisable to print this confirmation and retain for your records. However, the number you receive doesn't indicate anything about your chances or odds for being selected in the lottery. All who apply for admission by the cut-off date have equal chance in the lottery.


Q. Will the rules for behavior and code of conduct be the same as Bay Haven?

A. All policies for K-8 students' dress code and behavioral expectations will be a replication of the Bay Haven policies in these areas. The policies for the 9-12 students will be similar in some areas, but there will be some differences for high school students where appropriate. Examples of these differences are allowing expanded outerwear options for high school students and allowing denim for high school students.


Q. What bus transportation will be available for students at NBH?

A. Bus transportation will be available for NBH students. Please contact the school for details.


Q. Will NBH use student planners?

A. NBH will replicate the Bay Haven student planner system for students in grade K-8. High School students will have be encouraged to use student planners, but this will not be required unless a student's performance indicates a need.


Q. I have heard that NBH will be a technology-rich school, what does that mean exactly?

A. NBH will have classrooms equipped with technology, including interactive whiteboards, document cameras, digital projectors, and computers for student use. Mobile laptop carts will be available for teachers use in grades K-8, while in the high school we are striving for 1:1 computing for students. This might mean each student would have access to a laptop/netbook for use during day. Lease/purchase agreements are being investigated to allow for parents to enter into a multi-year payment plan to purchase their student's laptop/netbook for ownership. Students may be able to bring their own laptop/netbook if they already own these devices.


Q. Can students wear their Bay Haven uniforms to North Bay Haven if they transfer schools?

A. Students will be able to wear the Bay Haven uniform bottoms (shorts, pants, Capri, skorts, jumpers) at North Bay Haven. However, students would need to purchase the North Bay Haven uniform shirts/outerwear, as they will have the North Bay Haven logo on them, which will be different from the Bay Haven logo design.


Q. What will the lunch options be at North Bay Haven?

A. A full school breakfast and lunch program will be provided, using our in-house staff and the kitchen on-site. Additional options for high school students are being researched, such as fast-food choices that students could purchase a la carte.

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