North Bay Haven Charter Academy K-5

School Safety Part 3

NBH Parents,
I wanted to let you know some of the precautions that we took today and to inform you there was another threat made today so be ready if it hits the media tonight.
1. If you were on campus today you probably noticed that we closed off all entrances to the MS/HS until the new fence is constructed (any day now). The only way on campus is by the new admin building. We had extra security at that entrance point today.
2. We had a mandatory assembly today with MS and then HS students. Mr. Gant, Officer Ford, Officer Khana and I all spoke with our students. Our focal points were simple:
First- Do not make threatening comments or law enforcement will be involved- we have zero tolerance for this
Second- Do not make social media threats or cause panic on social media- this will also be dealt with consequences
Third- Please continue to help us keep each other safe by taking the proper avenues by communicating with administration, "Friend Watch" on our website, or if you feel necessary, call the police yourself. Putting out "gossip" on social media is only making the situation worse so stop now! Office Khana told the students that per Bay County Sherifff Office policy any mention of a gun or weapon, or threat of violence, whether joking or not, will be investigated and may result in a felony arrest.
3. A MS student made threatening comments a couple days ago. We investigated it with the police and the student was arrested today. This is the second in two days. As I said yesterday, talk to your children about not even joking about this. It is a serious matter that will follow the child for life. Please help us with this parents- including helping us monitor your child's social media accounts- I don't want to see any more posts causing panic at school.
Thank you for your continued support.