North Bay Haven Charter Academy K-5

8/15/17 Email Blast


Great Start Everyone:
It sure is nice being back in the routine of day to day school. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and patience as we have worked through issues getting all 2100+ students on our new campus.

A lot of you have made recommendations, thank you, and I think as of today, things are going much smoother in the car lines in the morning and afternoon. Let me make a few more recommendations:


  1. Student pick up at your time:MS and HS parents continue to show up 5-10 minutes early causing a back up on Mill Bayou into 390. Again, please show up no earlier than: HS- No earlier than 3:00, MS- No earlier than 3:30.

 ElElementary Loop- Most of you have figured out the elementary loop by now- the inside lane is for the elementary drop off and pick up, and parking (from 7:20 AM on) and the outside lane to exit to 390.

GGym Loop- Please do not block Buccaneer Drive when turning into left into the gym loop. Parents using the elementary loop can turn right or left and when people on Buccaneer Drive block the road you can’t exit the elementary side. I will be standing here for a while directing traffic until we get this down. Also, if you park in the gym parking lot, only turn right onto Buccaneer Drive- you are not allowed to make a left turn into traffic. Thank youJ

  1. NBHE Drop offPlease do not park in the drop off loop prior to school starting. This is a safety issue and is blocking flow. If you are here before7:00, and you can’t park in the gym parking lot, drop your child off and move your car. Thank youJ




Solar Eclipse Info (Per CEO Mr. Bolinger)

Due to safety concerns for our students, Bay Haven Charter Academy PreK-8 and North Bay Haven Charter Academy PreK-12 will follow and comply with Bay District Schools' decision not to have students observe the solar eclipse outside next Monday, August 21. All outside activities will be cancelled between the hours of 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Special caution will be taken during class changes and dismissal that will occur during that time. A live stream from NASA will be available during that time for all students to participate virtually in this historic occurrence.



School Communication and NBH Facebook Page
As you know, our weekly e-blast are our main form of communication. We also are putting our weekly eblasts on our website in case you are not getting them or you want to go back and read. Also, on our website, you may find the daily student announcements. Look for the link to find out what we say to our students every day. Finally, for those of you that like to use social media, we have a main NBH Facebook page in which we promote positive stories, frequent announcements, and occasionally I will post a Facebook live post. Our schools page is called “North Bay Haven Charter Academy.” IMPORTANT: There are other Facebook pages out there that try and duplicate our information- one being a page called “North Bay Haven Middle and High School.” Pages like this are not from me and do not represent the school so be cautious of what you read, don’t leave questions and don’t expect a response.



Spirt Wear

High school students are allowed to wear approved spirit wear every Wednesday and Friday. K-8 students may only wear approved spirit shirts on certain days (noted on the calendar). All spirit shirts must be our school colors and have NBH on the front. If you purchased a spirit shirt last year (club, spirit, sports) and it does not meet that criteria, you may not wear it. If you are unsure bring to the office first to double check. Reminder for outerwear, K-8 can only wear jackets purchased through Zohgby’s or Tommy Hilfiger, not clubs, band or sports teams. The student handbook spells out the policy in greater detail.



Welcome Tommy Hilfiger

Please see attachments for more info.



Campus Map, Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

By now you should know the lay out of the campus, where parking is located, where to drop off, where to pick up, and where the offices are located. Many of you occasionally send family members here that don’t know this, so please make sure to talk to them before sending them to our campus. Thank youJ



High School IPADS and Dell Chromebook Touch

As a requirement, all NBH HS students are required to have an IPAD (any model of IPAD). This is not an option but rather an expectation of our school. New this year, we are also allowing DELL Chromebook Touch 11 3189. Only these two devices are allowable at this time. Students that have an IPAD do not need to change but rather continue using what they currently have. The school does not sell either one of these but rather, it is the responsibility of the parents/students to purchase one on their own. Students/Parents, you can either purchase an IPAD (any model) or DELL Chromebook Touch 11 3189 on your own, or you may use the following link to purchase it at a discounted price: who are on the free and reduced lunch program, or for those showing financial hardship will qualify for renting an IPAD from the media center. For a hardship application, visit our website and fill out an application and return to our IT department. We will have a mandatory student/parent orientation meeting


Student Supplies and Fees

As a reminder supplies and fees are NBHCA expectations and are not optional. If you have financial concerns or issues, our teachers will work with you but please let them know before we start calling you.


Student Handbook and Parent Expectations Contract

On the website under the “for students and/or for parents” section, you will find the 2017-2018 student handbook. Please review them, sign, and return ASAP if you have not done so yet, to your first hour teacher. It is important that both you and your child read and understand our high expectations at NBHCA. Thank youJ


NBHCA Under Construction

You will notice a lot of new things when you enter campus this week. Besides the new elementary campus being finished, you will also notice a few other changes such as: the addition of the outdoor cafeteria dining area, the elementary playground, the paved athletic complex parking lot, and under construction the athletic complex, PE pavilion (behind MS), and administration office/ media center. We will have certain area’s roped, taped or fenced off. If you find an area that is roped off, taped off or fenced off DO NOT enter this area.


New Main Entrance for MS/HS

There are two main entrances for both schools. The main entrance (and only entrance) to NBHE is in front of NBHE by the double doors. Look for the signs and flags. Do not enter in the stairwells and do not try and enter from the campus courtyard area. This is a major safety violation. The new main entrance to the MS/HS office is between the gym and NBHE- look for the signs and flags. The old entrance is under construction and should not be used. We now call this are the bus loop. Visitors are not allowed to park there anymore. We have left it open for band and choir students, and for students that park in the athletic complex but visitors should not use this entrance.


 Student Parking

It is illegal for students to drive to school without a parking pass. There are only a few left, if you need one see Mr. Gant. Our SRD will be checking cars this week and any violations will be addressed by our SRD. 


August Menu

See attachment- Breakfast and Lunch 



Students may start picking up applications for SGA the week of Aug. 14-18.  The cost to join is $10.  Campaigning will begin the week of Aug. 28-Sept. 1.  


To benefit the entire school, SGA will be responsible for selling sno-cones this year.  Please contact Mrs. Stockton ( or sign-up on the Volunteer Spot ( if you are available to run the concessions on Fridays.



Family Night

Please join us for our first Family Night of the year sponsored by PTSP on Friday, August 25th from 5:00-6:30pm. This is afree event!

It will be a Tailgate theme with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks!

We will also have some fun games for the kids!

Please RSVP below just for headcount so we provide enough food. This is also a great opportunity to get some volunteer hours in! See link below.

RSVP link:

Sign up Spot for Volunteers:


 Thanks everyone, have a great week- Mr. McLaughlin